FenceMaster's Projects

Residential Chain Link

The most popular, widely used residential and commercial fencing. We use a minimum of 11 gauge chain link and 16 gauge pipe for framework. This ensures fence stability and longer life - heavier gauge fencing in much less likely to become damaged during normal wear. If you're building your own fence, be cautious of the material you are purchasing. The smaller the number, the heavier the gauge.

Pipe Rail

One of the safest Horse Fences on the market today. Protect your horses from being injured on traditional barbed wire while offering your horses good visibility. Save on vet bills -- while adding beauty to your property. Our Pipe Rail fences are galvanized to prevent rust and require no paint. This means low maintenance for you.

Residential Wood

Cedar board fences in a variety of styles. Great for privacy and enhancing the look of your home.

Residential Specialty

Add beauty and style to any home with our specialty fencing. A variety of styles available - both charming and functional.

Recreational Chain Link

Are you planning a new ball park or does your existing recreational fencing need a lift? Let us fulfill your "grand slam" fencing needs. Inquire today!

Solid Gate Construction

We will construct a gate for you that can "weather" any storm. Don't get caught with a mis-aligned gate that won't open or close properly. Let us built it right the first time!